— Deadbolts —

Grade 1 D660 Series Deadbolt
The D660 Series is a super heavy–duty deadbolt that provides an outstanding combination of performance, security, and value. The D660 is ideal for heavy–duty commercial applications including high–traffic doors in hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, and government buildings.

Grade 2 D160 Series Deadbolt
The D160 Series is a medium–duty commercial deadbolt which provides an outstanding combination of performance and value. The D160 is ideal for medium–duty commercial applications including office buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, apartments, and retail complexes.

Grade 3 D360 Series Residential Deadbolt
The D360 is a light–duty commercial and high–end residential deadbolt suitable for interior and exterior doors of office buildings, hotel / motel, storefronts, multi–family housing, condominiums, and apartments.